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The main performance of emulsion motor parameters

Emulsion working pressure and pressure rating of the motor
Motor inlet oil's actual pressure is known as a motor working pressure, the motor inlet pressure and outlet pressure difference is called motor work pressure. In the case of motor export directly answer the fuel tank, for ease of qualitative analysis, generally approximation as job pressure is equal to the pressure difference of the motor.
Motor under normal working conditions, the highest pressure is known as a continuous operation as stipulated in the test standard pressure rating of the motor. Pressure rating of the motor and the restriction of the intensity of leakage and parts, the overload occurs when more than this value.
Emulsion motor traffic and emissions
Flow is called motor's actual flow at the entrance of the motor. The motor seal amine volume change required flow is called the theory of the motor. The beauty of the actual flow and the theory of flow is the leakage of the motors.
The motor shaft turn every week, by its effective volume change to the sealing capacity of amine liquid volume is called motor displacement.

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