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The structure and principles of walking hydraulic motor is introduced
Walking hydraulic motor is in staffa motor on the basis of the evolution and development, its characteristic is to cancel the connecting rod, and in the main mo money between static pressure balance is achieved,
Walking hydraulic motor of eccentric shaft for crankshaft, it is not only an output shaft, and a valve shaft. Set on the eccentric shaft CAM five-star roller-skating, each embedded in its five plane pressure ring, it contact with the bottom of the hollow to plug 2, are installed in the plunger spring to prevent stopped and stress release.
In this kind of structure, five star wheel instead of the connecting rod in the crankshaft connecting rod type motor. Valve shaft and the oil in the pressure of the five-star wheel on the channel into the hollow plunger, the top of the piston of hydraulic motor, pressure force roughly balance between ring and five star wheel.
This kind of motor with smoke flow, a side for high pressure, the side to low voltage, thus valve shaft radial fluid pressure exists. If this kind of motor design into a double row type, two eccentric phase difference of 180 degrees, can be realized with liquid flow on the pressure balance.
Walking hydraulic motor has simple structure, good manufacturability. Due to the static equilibrium, high working pressure, long service life, turn short pulse is small, but the size and quality is bigger, can be selected according to actual situation. This article is summarized by ningbo hengtong hydraulic co., LTD, company website:, welcome to come to consult!

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