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The characteristics of high-speed hydraulic motor
Compared with low speed high torque hydraulic motor, hydraulic motor with high speed has the following advantages:
1) on the structure and hydraulic pump is the same or similar, both zero, parts general degree is high, easy to organize production and reduce the cost.
2) high speed hydraulic motor displacement for q, after the match with different ratio of mechanical reducer, look from the ability of the output torque, the equivalent of displacement for a variety of hydraulic motor of IQ, thus expanding the hydraulic motor ability and scope of work. Especially in recent years, planetary gear reducer for promotion and popularization, for the use of high speed hydraulic motor provides a very favorable conditions.
3) high speed hydraulic motor inertia small, high speed, high frequency reversing work torque is small, easy to brake.
4) the low speed stability of the high speed hydraulic motor itself is not good, but after used with reducer can get even better than low speed high torque hydraulic motor of low speed stability.
5) the reliability of the hydraulic motor with high speed than low speed high torque hydraulic motor is good, but it is cheap, light weight, easy to field replacement, so relative to improve the reliability of the whole machine.
6) under normal conditions, the resistance of the load always hydraulic motor. But in some cases the load may shift into drive motor power, motor into the pump working condition. High speed hydraulic motor and pump of the same basic structure, in this case can work safely and reliably, and low speed high torque hydraulic motor is often insufficient.
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