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The basic working principle of hydraulic motor and its difference with hydraulic pump
Hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump, relied on the sealing work volume changes in the realization of energy conversion, also has with flow organization. Hydraulic motor in the input, under the action of high pressure liquid into the liquid cavity changed from small to big, shaft torque for rotating components, in order to overcome the load resistance moment, realizing the rotation; From large to small motor back to the fluid cavity at the same time, to the fuel tank or pump suction mouth back to liquid, reduce pressure. High pressure liquid from the liquid into the mouth of hydraulic motor continuously, from the liquid hole, the hydraulic motor rotor continuous rotation and work abroad.
In theory, in addition to the valve type and flow of hydraulic pump, other forms of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor with a reversible, can interoperability. In fact, due to the use performance and different requirements of the same kind of pump and motor there are still differences in structure.
(1) hydraulic motor should be able to positive &negative, so for the sake of their internal structure must be symmetrical. Hydraulic pump is usually a one-way rotating, generally without this restriction on the structure.
(2) of the hydraulic motor speed range is larger, especially when the speed is low, should be able to guarantee the normal work, so should be used in rolling bearing or static pressure sliding bearing; If using dynamic pressure sliding bearing, easy forming oil film. And higher speed of hydraulic pump, general change is small, there is no this requirement.
(3) hydraulic motor should be has good startup characteristic and low speed stability, and therefore to improve the efficiency of the motor starting torque and as far as possible, and reduce the torsional pulsation of short.
(4) hydraulic motor is input with the pressure of liquid pushing its turn in rotation, so you must guarantee the sealing of the initial without self-priming ability. The hydraulic pump usually self-priming ability is a must.
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