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The displacement of hydraulic motor and the relationship between displacement and torque
In the work of the output torque hydraulic motor size is determined by the load torque, and not determined by the motor itself. This and the hydraulic pump working pressure determined by the load resistance is a reason.
But, push the load of the same size, pressure vessel large motor work than work pressure vessel small motor, so work too little vessel is an important symbol of hydraulic pressure motor working ability.
The representation method of hydraulic motor work vessel size and hydraulic pump is the same, also expressed with geometric displacement q, namely unit corner zhonggong away to let the cavity volume variation. In engineering, in fact, currently use every turn more emissions.
The star is an important parameter of hydraulic motor. , according to the size of the displacement can be calculated at a given pressure dismount can output torque size, also can be calculated at a given load short horse up to the size of the pressure of work. If any loss, the hydraulic power of the hydraulic pump output should be fully into the mechanical power of the motor output.
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