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The classification and characteristics of hydraulic motor
Hydraulic motor is a hydraulic device that can be converted into mechanical energy, can realize continuous rotary motion. Hydraulic motor can be divided into two categories, high speed and low speed. It is generally believed that rated speed higher than 500 / rmin belongs to high speed hydraulic motor; Rated speed below 500 / rmin belong to hydraulic motor at low speed.
The basic form of high-speed hydraulic motor with gear, screw, vane and axial plunger type, etc. Their main features are: high speed, small moment of inertia, is advantageous for the starting and braking, regulating speed regulation and directional sensitivity. Usually high speed hydraulic motor output torque is small, only a few cows. M (N, m) to hundreds of cows. M (N, m), so also known as the high speed small torque hydraulic motor.
Low speed hydraulic motor is the basic form of the radial plunger type, for example, more role in curve type, single-acting crankshaft connecting rod type and static balance type, etc. Hydraulic motor at low speed of the main features are: large displacement, large volume, low speed, some can be as low as a few rotations per minute (RPM) even less than a turn, can be directly connected to the working mechanism, therefore, don't need a reduction gear, the transmission mechanism is greatly simplified. Usually low speed hydraulic motor output torque is larger, can amount to thousands of cows. M (N, m) for tens of thousands of cows. M (N.m), so also known as the low speed high torque hydraulic motor.
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