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Production of literacy in the hydraulic system
Hydraulic system into the category of non-standard hydraulic. Processing production of hydraulic system and pump station, general need with the following equipment and personnel:
A. Electrical design engineer to do related electric control part of the hydraulic system design and quotation, and for the hydraulic pressure system of the late equipped with necessary electrical equipment (such as ark of motor start and test with a control cabinet)
2. Integrated block processing equipment: vertical milling machine (can outsourcing processing), radial drilling machine, two jacks processing equipment (boring), thread insert processing equipment (CNC milling machine), height gauge, crossed the platform,
3. Tank processing equipment: steel sheet blanking and bending shear plate bending machine can do outsourcing (processing), argon arc welding machine, tank internal and external grinding with power tools, tank pickling phosphating equipment can do outsourcing (processing), fuel tank paint spraying equipment and personnel.
Four. The installation and commissioning of hydraulic system: related experience or an idea for hydraulic system debugging personnel, integrated piece of cleaning and inspection platform, pipe bending machine, cutting machine. Outsourcing of hydraulic hose and piezometric hose, hydraulic oil storage and filtration equipment filtering (car).
Five. The hydraulic system of inspection: the quality inspection department of valve blocks and tank inspection according to your drawings. And according to the design department to provide the test program of the hydraulic system functionality and appearance inspection, and issue the test report.

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