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What is a vane hydraulic motor

Vane hydraulic motor, due to the pressure oil, unbalanced force make the rotor torque is produced. Vane hydraulic motor output torque and displacement of hydraulic motor and hydraulic motor oil in and out of the mouth, the pressure difference between the speed determined by the input to the flow of hydraulic motor size. Due to the hydraulic motor to generally positive &negative, so vane hydraulic motor blade radial placed. In order to make the blade root pressure on oil, always in the back, pressure oil cavity ordinary check valve shall be set up on the path of blade root, in order to ensure the vane hydraulic motor can normal boot after pressure oil factory, must make the top and the stator blade surface close contact, to ensure a good seal, therefore the preloaded spring shall be set up at the blade root.
Vane hydraulic motor is small in size, moment of inertia of small, action quick, can be applied to the reversing frequency occasions, but leakage is larger, while working at low speed is not stable. So vane hydraulic motor is generally used in high speed, small torque and motion sensitivity required. First of all, to be sure, the motor of the grinding machine, is very small, the force required torque is very small, and considering the economic costs, there would be no need to use piston motor, blade motor and cycloid motor is selected again. Motor light again, after all, is also a pimple, iron in his hand, I think it's not too realistic, and the motor is generally installed with flange, the volume is too small. Don't know if you have seen that mop the floor equipment used by a supermarket, is a small car, push away, then here are a big brush, you can consider to do polishing brush to a few bigger, draw lessons from this structure.
As for the choice of motor, is primarily choose according to your speed, displacement is smaller, the smaller the volume of motor. Suggest you look for blade motor samples, from the inside looking for minimum displacement as a choice for you.
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