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How to reduce the hydraulic motor can pressure loss
The emergence of hydraulic motor, on behalf of the world can convert mechanical energy into pressure and reverse transformation has made great progress, but the product always has the large energy loss, if all the pressure can be fully used, will make the process of energy conversion efficiency are improved significantly. So how do when using hydraulic motor can reduce the pressure loss.
To reduce the use of hydraulic motor can pressure loss, first of all to start from the internal, to reduce the system at the same time to reduce the power loss of the internal pressure loss. To solve this problem, can improve the elements of the internal flow pressure loss, using integrated circuits and casting sprue. At the same time also need to reduce or eliminate the throttling losses in the system, as far as possible to reduce the security needs of spillway flow, avoid using throttle system to adjust the flow rate and pressure.

On the use of material, the material can be manufactured using static pressure technology and new sealing material, so that it can effectively reduce the friction loss. When use maintenance is necessary, timely maintenance of hydraulic motor, to prevent pollution affect motor life and reliability, must develop new pollution detection methods, on-line measurement of pollution, to adjust in time, do not allow the lag, so as to avoid losses due to the slow process. Hydraulic motor can reduce the pressure loss, need to make joint efforts to manufacturers and consumers that can maximize prevent pressure loss.
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