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Hydraulic motor when the design requirements on the structure symmetry

General motors has should be positive and inverse operation, so usually requires that in the design of hydraulic motor with the symmetry of the structure. Of hydraulic pressure motor working pressure difference depends on the size of the load torque, when the driving load moment of inertia and high speed, and requires rapid braking or reverse, will generate higher hydraulic impact, therefore, should be in the system, set up necessary safety valve and buffer valve.
In normal working conditions, hydraulic motor inlet and outlet pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, so there is no hydraulic pump that inhaled can problem, but if the hydraulic motor can work in the pump working conditions, the oil inlet should have minimum pressure limit, in order to avoid cavitation. Some hydraulic motor must have enough back pressure in return oil mouth to guarantee the normal work, and rotational speed, the higher the required back pressure is, the greater the back pressure means that an increase in the pressure of oil source utilization rate is not high, the loss of the system increased.
Motor due to the internal leakage is inevitable, so the hydraulic motor oil discharge mouth shut down during braking, there are still used to slow slip, therefore, need long time of precise brake, brake should be set to prevent slip.
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