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The compatibility of hydraulic motor

Widely use vane pump, hydraulic motor under the conditions of the working pressure is greater than 6.9 MPa, wear and tear problems become prominent, and therefore using the anti-wear agent in hydraulic oil; In order to adapt to the high temperature heat source and open flame near the hydraulic motor, the use of flame resistant phosphate ester, water - glycol hydraulic fluid, oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsion, etc.
And "use" of all kinds compound additive, antioxidant, antirust configuration is a great variety of different USES of the hydraulic oil (liquid). Such as: no zinc in anti-wear hydraulic oil compound type type type (not grey) anti-wear hydraulic oil compound, is to use hydrocarbons sulfide, phosphate and phosphite ester, and at the same time containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen three elements of the S - P - N extreme pressure antiwear agent. In extreme pressure industrial gear oil, also give priority to with P - S type extreme pressure agent.
As the hydraulic oil (oil) varieties of continuous research and development, to improve the performance of oil (liquid), all kinds of anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, metal attenuated agent, emulsifier and anti-foam additive, etc., for the influence of the seal material need to verify through the experiment.
Seal dissolve "rose" or "extraction" what is the cause of hydraulic oil additives in various chemical elements and their concentrations, on the basis of "similar miscibility" principle, the different influence on different seal material, also is not only the medium resistance of sealing material.
That is about the compatibility of hydraulic motor analysis, provided by the hengtong hydraulic co., LTD., ningbo hengtong hydraulic co., LTD., specializing in the production of hydraulic motor, the country ordering website:

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