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Hydraulic motor maintenance steps
Hydraulic motor repair:
1, the repair of the stator, rotor rotor repair for deburring, grinding, mild hair or wear to use; Severe wear can brush plating to repair the cylindrical, or measuring with wire walking silk processing after tooth shape, then through change new parts after heat treatment.
Stator of ejector pin for, such as tooth mild hair or wear with again after the deburring, grinding; Severe wear to enlarge diameter processing new needle teeth in use; If not for the ejector pin tooth, can change as well as the rotor machining.
2, oil distribution axle or oil distribution disc repair
The oil distribution axle repair, mild hair or wear with again after the deburring, grinding; Severe cases can brush plating to repair the cylindrical or reprocessed.
Oil distribution disc repair, wear A plane strain, mild impairment to grind with; Severe cases by flat grinding, the surface of the reoccupy after nitriding.
Oil distribution disc
Grinding or grinding pan surface repair
Disassembling methods:
L, clamp the motor on the vise
2, remove end cover
3, discharge of core horse
4, unload the shaft
5, shell turn clamp ring on the vise
6, unload the relevant parts of the shaft sealing system
7, check the shaft seal parts damage h, step 8, ready to remove the oil seal tool
8, use special tools for shaft seal and dust-proof sealing ring, step 10, I use plug
9, pull out or insert the output shaft
10, with inside and outside the set of tools to seal and shield ring load within the flange cover
11, the output shaft insert body shell
12, loading flange cover
13, will have a clip on the vise
14 and marked into the core of the motor
15, install back cover
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