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The user how to choose a reasonable model of hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motor with a fundamental type, stress level has 3 kinds, the pressure rated 10, 16, 20 MPa, respectively, the peak pressure is 16, 25, 31.5 MPa, respectively, how to reasonably choose a more suitable working condition of the host model? First of all, should consider to improve the transmission efficiency and the transmission efficiency is small, the operation condition of the low rotating speed, torque, the volumetric efficiency is the main factors influencing the transmission total efficiency, the same hydraulic equipment for power transmission, reduce the system pressure of work can significantly improve the efficiency of volume, so should choose pressure rated for 10 mpa models at this moment, at the same time practical work pressure also should choose to lower, when the transmission power is smaller, the lower the speed when the work pressure, the lower the better. Contrary to the transmission power is big, the operation condition of the high speed, it is the main factors influencing the transmission efficiency of total mechanical efficiency, so at this time should choose the rated pressure of 16 or 20 mpa models. Next to have the operation condition of the low speed stability requirements, should be paid attention to in the selection of the hydraulic motor displacement, the greater the stability of low speed, the better, it also related to working pressure, the lower the pressure of work stability at low speed, the better.


Displacement of the same several different base type hydraulic motor, how to choose a reasonable model? This, related to the use condition and the service life of the requirements for short-term clearance operation, the overhaul during the total work time shorter machinery, can use base type number smaller models, and for every day total running time is long, and require a longer service life of mechanical, should choose as far as possible the base type number larger models, when necessary, should choose high pressure model, but used in low pressure conditions, at this time can significantly increase the service life, because the service life of the hydraulic motor is inversely proportional to the working pressure, also use pressure is reduced by half, 10 times life can be improved.
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