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Hydraulic motor hydraulic system cleanliness measure and method

Rinsed in shaking method to write a certain amount of components in clean experiment and fluid seal element, shaking device with mechanical method, make all components within the pollutants into the fluid of the experiment, then the experimental liquid pollution.
Rinsed in shaking method is a simple element cleanliness detection method, first apply to static components, such as pipe, pipe fittings, hose, filter shell and fuel tank, etc.
Test bench irrigation will element access in advance in the purification of test bench system, the experimental fluid circulation through the components, the components inside the washing to the pollutants of the fluid of the experiment, and then collect the sample liquid pollution determined from the system.
Test bench irrigation first used to detect the purity of the dynamic components, such as hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic valve components, etc.
Open irrigation after cleaning the components outside completely, unwrapped components, parts wet area is washed with detergent carefully, then collects all the solvent and measure its pollution.
In addition, if install components after cleaning process combined with component cleanliness inspection, and the purity of the well control components, and simplify the testing process. When the components through the clean and meet the cleanliness requirement, components and hydraulic system of hydraulic pressure motor is considered as a whole and with the same pollution. Measured in this way, hydraulic system of hydraulic motor oil pollution is the cleanliness of components, and not demand volume conversion.
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