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Know how much the hydraulic motor


What you know about the knowledge of hydraulic motor? Even in today's society, the application of the hydraulic motor is very extensive, but in fact, we all have a lot of people in the hydraulic motor selection when there are still many unclear. So, today by hengtong hydraulic co., LTD., to take you know together!
A number, for the same type of hydraulic motor, their stress level can be divided into three kinds, namely the rated pressure of 10 mpa, 16 mpa and 20 mpa. So how do you choose to better choose a suitable host hydraulic motor model?
1, the priority to improve the transmission efficiency and volumetric efficiency;
2, the second for those requiring low speed stability, we should be in choosing a model should pay attention to the displacement of hydraulic motor, the greater the displacement, the stability of low speed performance is better.
Second, in the hydraulic motor displacement and the same type of different cases, how to how to choose reasonable model? For this, it will related to the service life of the requirements. Short-term intermittent operation, we can choose a base type number smaller models, for a long time of operation, service life and need longer machinery, then you should choose the base type Numbers larger models.
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