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Hydraulic motor be taken seriously


Hydraulic motor is now more and more get people's attention, that it has the characteristics of what?
1, have high mechanical efficiency, and high starting torque. All these results because of its unique design. Oil motor piston and put steel does not exist between the lateral force, the piston is at the bottom of static pressure balance design.
2, high volumetric efficiency. Because the plane distribution is simple and reliable, can improve the performance of sealing, so can have very good stable performance at low speed.
3, large range of speed. Because in structure to reduce the friction loss, coupled with good sealing and low speed stability, makes the ability to work in 1 r/min under the conditions of steady operation.
4, for the sake of snap ring, is not there is a gap between piston and bearing sleeve, also can make the oil motor in the free wheel under the condition of high speed running.
5, although the hydraulic motor light weight, small size, but with high power and can withstand high pressure.
6, because the oil motor considering the performance of the work on the design, so it's parameters such as reliability, service life, noise, has a very good performance.
Above is the reason why hydraulic motor be taken seriously, the content is provided by hengtong hydraulic co., LTD., ningbo hengtong hydraulic co., LTD., specializing in the production of hydraulic motor, the country ordering website:

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