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Hydraulic motor to popularize and apply in the world in various fields
Put energy into rotary motion device is called motor, hydraulic motor is the pressure of the liquid medium can be converted into rotating movement, will provide the hydraulic pump hydraulic energy into mechanical energy conversion device. Hydraulic motor strength big, under the condition of the same power output, the weight, size is only 5% - 5% of dc motor, the relative quality is very light, so the moment of inertia small, starting, braking, reverse good speediness and stability at low speed operation, and easy to implement inorganic speed.
How to choose to your satisfaction of hydraulic motor?
The main parameters of hydraulic motor with pressure, flow, displacement, the output power; Choose the ideal motor of the main is to look at the power you want now with hydraulic pump matching with you. Still can see the choice of displacement, according to the system of flow Q divided by the number of motor rotating speed n, you need to obtain displacement V. According to displacement choice model to check sample, to see whether meet the requirements of torque of the motor.
The four characteristics of hydraulic motor:
1, the hydraulic system has the characteristics of the energy density is big, the same power of motor, hydraulic motor is much smaller than motor, much lighter. Ease of applications on mobile devices.
2, hydraulic motor is easy to control, rely on the adjustment of the hydraulic valve, can promise between 0 and maximum speed adjustment, the motor itself does not need special design, the cost is low. Than the motor + reducer, or frequency conversion motor, servo motor much cheaper.
3, hydraulic motor is totally enclosed, in the dust, moisture (underwater), combustible environment can be at ease use, explosion-proof (FLP) motors are more reliable.
4, hydraulic pressure system of the overload resistance is very strong, rely on the protection of the overflow valve, allowing for a long time (relative), frequent overload, and under overload condition is very easy to recover, not damage the equipment, also do not need to restart your device.
These are the advantages of the electric motor cannot be compared, making the hydraulic motor and hydraulic pressure technology in recent 20 years are able to rapidly popularized all over the world and further popularization, people more and more feel the importance of the hydraulic motor in practice.
Above is the hydraulic motor to popularize and apply in the world in various fields, the content is provided by hengtong hydraulic co., LTD., ningbo hengtong hydraulic co., LTD., specializing in the production of hydraulic motor, the country ordering website:

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