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Hydraulic motor does not turn or creep what reason be
Hydraulic motor can appear at work motor does not turn or crawling malfunction, so the failure is caused by what? Small make up today for everyone to analysis. Appear such circumstance, generally can be divided into three reasons:
Tighten screw (1) twist too tight: screw fastening screw too tight will cause parts of plane joint is too loose or too tight, causing the motor running bad or turn card death directly. The solution is within the specified torque screw down the screws.
(2) between the output shaft and shell bite bad: when the fitting clearance between the output shaft and shell through the hours, will lead to motor killed or crawl, when the hydraulic oil contains impurities will happen. The solution only replace matching output shaft and shell.
(3) set the daughter matching planar fit clearance is too small, as previously mentioned, BMR series motor fixed daughter plane clearance should roughly control in the range of 0.03 mm to 0.03 mm, if the clearance is less than 0.03 at this moment, may occur cycloid gear and the plate or the back of the side plate bite, then find the motor running is uneven, a card or a card, in severe cases can make the motor directly killed, lead to not turn. Processing method: cycloidal grinding wheel plane, make it with the daughter of plane gap control within the scope of the standard.
That is the reason of hydraulic motor does not turn or creep and processing, reprint please indicate the source:
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