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Cycloid hydraulic motor the motor oil spill over

Cycloid hydraulic motor at work, often appear a problem that is the motor oil, today small make up take you dismount analysis of the cause and the method, the leak reasons of cycloid hydraulic motor possible leakage, generally can be divided into three types:
(1) the shaft end oil: due to motor oil seal with the output shaft in the daily time using constant friction conditions, bound to lead to oil seal and shaft interface of wear and tear, beyond a certain limit will lose oil seal sealing effect, lead to the oil. The solution: need to change oil seal, if the output shaft wear needs to change the output shaft at the same time.
(2) motor cracks leak: located in the motor shell and plate of the side, or with the daughter of the side plate, or the daughter and the "O" type circle between the back plate aging or crush, if it happens to just change the "O" type circle.
Spill: (3) to block to block the following "O" type ring crush or aging and loss of sealing effect, the situation is very low probability of occurrence, if there is a need to change the "O" type circle.
Above is cycloid hydraulic motor of motor oil at work causes and troubleshooting, summarize by ningbo hengtong hydraulic co., LTD, if there is need to consult the other fault, please log in the website message.

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