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The advantage of hydraulic motor at low speed
Low speed hydraulic motor application earlier, foreign called starr hydraulic motor. Similar type of JMZ type in China, and its pressure rated 16 mpa, the highest pressure 21 mpa, the theory of maximum displacement of 6.140 r/min. Working principle of the crank connecting rod of the hydraulic motor, the motor is composed of shell, the crank connecting rod - piston component, eccentric shaft and oil distribution axle, casing radiated evenly arranged along the circumference, five cylinder form star shell; In a piston cylinder block, piston and connecting rod through ball ground connection, connecting rod big end into a saddle shaped cylindrical surface close to on the eccentric circle of crankshaft, it with the rotary center of eccentric crankshaft torque, the new structure of hydraulic motor shaft and crank shaft by cross key link together, with the crankshaft rotation, flows through the motor pressure oil with axial channel, assigned by the valve shaft to the corresponding piston cylinder, oil cylinder of four or five cavity pressure oil, the role of the piston pressure oil; In the rest of the piston in the cylinder, cylinder in a transient state, oil cylinder is connected with the discharge of oil window 2, 3; According to the principle of the crank connecting rod mechanism motion, passed the plunger driven by hydraulic role N of a force, the action of the eccentric circle center crankshaft rotation around the center, promote foreign output rotational speed and torque, if the exchange, the discharge of oil inlet, hydraulic motor reverse rotation. As the drive shaft, valve shaft rotation, match flow state changes. In the process of crankshaft, located on the high side of the cylinder volume increases gradually, and the shrinking volume of oil cylinder in low pressure side, therefore, high pressure oil into the hydraulic motor, at work and the low pressure cavity discharge.
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