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Using hydraulic motor has six points for attention


For hydraulic motor used widely, we often encounter when using a different problem, but due to the special working conditions hydraulic motor, use it also has six special need to be aware of.
Needs one, in the full load start when using, should pay attention to the hydraulic motor starting twisted short values. Because the hydraulic motor starting torque is rated short, if ignored, will take the job agencies cannot run.
Second, due to the hydraulic motor back to back pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure, so the motor discharge tubing will be led back to the fuel tank, not combined with hydraulic motor back line.
Three, due to the hydraulic motor is always leak, so the hydraulic motor inlet and outlet close to the brake, it will still have a slow slip. When need to brake for a long time, should be set to prevent the rotation of the brake.
Four, driven inertial (when the moment of inertia big or high speed), if required in a short period of time to brake or example, ahead running, should be set in the return oil relief valve (cushion valve), to prevent a sharp hydraulic impact damage caused by accident.
Five, the lifting or walking device of the hydraulic motor as a driving force, when the speed limit valve must be set to prevent the weight falling fast or when car downhill walking institutions, such as speeding, and cause serious accidents
Six, using quantitative motor, if you want to smooth start-up and shutdown, should adopt necessary when circuit design pressure or flow control method.
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