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The reason of hydraulic motor noise and solution


Hydraulic motor after using for a long time, there will be a noisy situation, so this is what reason is caused?
Hydraulic motor first introduced the reason of noise can be divided into the following:
1. The hydraulic oil contamination, there are air bubbles. Solution: change the clean the hydraulic oil.
2. The sealing is lax, there is air invade into the internal. Solution: check the relevant parts of the seal, tighten the joint.
3. Different heart coupling device. Solution: correction of concentric.
4. Hydraulic motor radial size of the serious wear and tear. The solution: grinding cylinder hole. Heavy with plunger.
5. The hydraulic oil viscosity is too large. Solution: replace the oil viscosity is small.
6. The stator wear. The solution: for repair or replacement. As caused by spring high abrasion, it should be replaced smaller stiffness of the spring.
7. Poor contact with the stator blades, a collision is like. Solution: adjust.
8. Leaf blade has wear and tear. Solution: repair or replacement as soon as possible.
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