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Hydraulic motor unstable speed how should solve


Hydraulic motor after using for a long time, easy to appear some problems, such as speed instability, even crawling, today will give you about the hydraulic motor speed instability of reason and the solution. Hydraulic motors are generally unstable speed caused by five reasons why.
A, individual worn piston or plunger cylinder hole, leakage increase, big and small. When high speed because of the large flow rate, rotational inertia load is big, speed instability is not obvious, obviously lower speed instability (shivering, fast and slow).
Second, the hydraulic motor bearing bracket is damaged, change bearing positioning, wear parts, oil pollution is serious, will appear.
Three, hydraulic motor rotor stuck, can't turn. Low speed high torque hydraulic motor after long-term operation, the plunger and plunger cylinder holes, the clearance between the valve shaft and rotor hole increases, the oil in the chip with high pressure oil into the motor, the horse card to death. In addition, the cooling loop back pressure inlet throttling hole blockage, the motor internal cooling ability, also can't; In motor internal dirt and wear debris, at the same time, make the flow matching local uneven temperature of vice and plunger, impact. These will lead to the horse card dead or killed.
Four, inclined plate bearing damage, high and low speed, and accompanied by abnormal noise. In this case, the visual feeling repair or replace a new one.
Five, the individual plunger cylinder seal is damaged, the inlet oil pressure is reduced, the radial component force of inclined plate decreases, and each cylinder of the radial force component is different, thus appears speed instability.
Above is rotational speed hydraulic motor appears unstable reason and solve the five, the content is provided by hengtong hydraulic co., LTD., ningbo hengtong hydraulic co., LTD., specializing in the production of hydraulic motor, the country ordering website:

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