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The scope of hydraulic motor bearing


A range of rubber hydraulic motor bearing in the hydraulic motor is in commonly 0.5-8 tons, rubber of rubber tracks adopt hydraulic motor is generally using Japanese technology to produce type construction machinery, carrying capacity is strong, big traction, low noise, no injury and asphalt, has the good function of driving; Chassis is equipped with a capacitor high torque at low speed walking horse, high by function, product widely used in trenchless horizontal directional drilling, small excavator, paver, milling planer, the work high above the class car, etc. Various kinds of rubber crawler walking mechanism. Hydraulic motor widely used in engineering machinery, geological prospecting and drilling machinery, coal mining conveyor machinery, such as steel crawler walking mechanism, so in addition to the rubber and steel, steel hydraulic motor bearing range 3 tons ~ 45 tons, the biggest can do 130 tons of walking chassis assembly. So we can't look down upon them. A lot time, once they lose effect, a lot of work cannot be carried out, so they are a core role.
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