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What is a static hydraulic motor


Familiar with hydraulic motor knows that it is the supply of oil pump hydraulic energy into mechanical energy conversion device, the application of the hydraulic motor is Yang machine in injection molding machinery, ships, etc. Small make up today to introduce you to a kind of static hydraulic pressure motor, it is the most advanced technology in the industry, that is the static bending shaft style hydraulic motor.
It blocks style design, using the standard aperture and installation size, for your use to supply the best product architecture, and made out the high costs. Today's motor displacement range is very wide, offers the best compatibility of component and the best performance of the system. Minimum and maximum displacement ratio is five to one, simplifies the transmission chain, according to the need to provide the best combination of torque and speed, so that the pump and prime mover of the busy reduced to a minimum. A set of monitoring system can change to operate machinery or mechanical interface meet customer requirements. Two station hydraulic control or electronic controller for "torque" or "maximum speed" supplies the possibility of a selected work way. Proportional hydraulic control or electric control speed controller for the torque and supply the various combination of opportunity.
Above is to introduce the static hydraulic motor, the technology of hydraulic motor is good, easy manufacturing, friction pair using static equilibrium, wear and tear is small, so the rapid development of both at home and abroad. It was to use a kind of most domestic ship machinery hydraulic motor.
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