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The development trend of hydraulic motor


As is known to all, oil hydraulic motor exists both in and out of the mouth, if the in and out of the oil outlet pressure level is high, then the output shaft torque, the greater the pressure is proportional to the torque of the relationship, you often say that the motor base of "strong" means the pressure will be very big. But due to the design, material properties, heat treatment, precision manufacturing, assembling, seal clearance limit pressure, cleanliness, and many other factors, various types of motor and even the highest pressure value for each motor, there are differences and these differences often determines the market of various types of motor application or the service life of each motor.
High pressure hydraulic motor is path to development, let me talk about simple dismount to customer application of high voltage using convenience and benefits. Companies with, for example, if there are two types of hydraulic motor, a and b, their biggest pressure distribution for 10 mpa and 20 mpa, so customers could mean if implemented with regard to the same power output displacement of hydraulic motor is a hydraulic motor contrast b double or doubled in number, so customers equipment volume, weight, not only cost will increase, and the corresponding hydraulic for oil pump and the whole hydraulic system will also increase, the result XianEr opinion. All in all, high pressure hydraulic motor can make the same equipment results more compact, more excellent performance, higher efficiency, lower cost, the use of safe coefficient is higher. At present, the market for motor pressure rating by feedback has become more and more urgent, because of the fierce competition in the market, these factors may also determine the survival of hydraulic pressure of the manufacturers.
Our country's industrialization pace of development soon, pay attention to product reliability and low cost, so to high pressure hydraulic motor must stride forward, otherwise elimination is just a matter of time. We believe that only the solid basic skills to make products become more and more perfect, moreover is the constant product innovation, design structure, type of material, heat treatment, the factors of sealing structure is different, they directly decides the motor pressure level is different, so the moment should be constantly trying to innovation and with a higher goal validation, high pressure of the hydraulic motor. We believe that we can go further in this way.
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