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The setting method of excavator hydraulic motor


Excavator is multi-channel distribution valve actuator, in the end of the hydraulic transmission, is to put the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, restore platform. This motor with axial piston point contact speed of hydraulic motor.
1, the phenomenon of working platform when the rotation speed is lower than 6 r/min
2, the reason analysis of hydraulic motor with the structure and working principle of the axial piston pump are basically the same. Axial piston pump is produced by oil pressure and oil absorption power, which can convert mechanical energy to liquid pressure. The hydraulic motor is entering the high pressure oil, is out of the low pressure oil, the liquid pressure can be converted into mechanical energy. Thus hydraulic motor is essentially equivalent to the combination of multiple single cylinder piston cylinder, namely the multiple one-way cylinder circumferential uniform, to the top of the outer end of the plunger in the swash plate. When the oil pump to provide pressure oil to oil cylinder, piston under the action of pressure oil, and on the inclined plate decline, then produces a torque, oil pump continuously to provide pressure oil to the hydraulic motor, hydraulic motor is continuous rotation, and through the gear box to make final drive gear and the fixed frame of the inner ring gear meshing and drive the platform. By, on the structure and working principle of hydraulic motor and the working principle of the hydraulic oil cylinder are basically the same, if the hydraulic motor rotation speed is slow when a failure, the analysis, diagnosis and method and the working device of hydraulic oil cylinder and the axial plunger pump is similar, therefore, go here. Analysis, diagnosis and exclusion of hydraulic motor fault when see the content.
3, the phenomenon of platform there was a stop and move, rotation or rotational discontinuity. Lack of speed is slow, wait for a phenomenon.
4, and the reason analysis of hydraulic motor is an energy conversion device, namely input can convert mechanical energy output liquid pressure, if not considering pressure efficiency of the motor itself, should be energy input is equal to the output. It seems that the hydraulic motor weakness is necessarily less energy into hydraulic pressure motor, when the energy to overcome the platform rotational resistance, has been shut down. According to the principle of hydraulic transmission, hydraulic motor rotation by liquid pressure. Hydraulic motor under the condition of the control valve on oil pressure
Hydraulic motor stalling, must be input the plunger cylinder oil pressure is not enough to overcome the platform running resistance and halt. Stay up enough energy to overcome resistance, hydraulic motor turns to overcome resistance and rushed to jump, in the system and steep fall in the oil pressure, motor, pause, down to form a platform like this repeatedly "crawl", or to prevent hydraulic motor rotational resistance is too large, leading to "crawl".
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