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The classification of the hydraulic motor

The classification of the hydraulic motor has a lot of, according to the structure we can be divided into gear motor and blade motor. System of gear motor has simple structure, small price low, the advantages of using also is very reliable, the disadvantage is that start the low mechanical efficiency and torque is only theory of 70% ~ 80%. The poor stability at low speed, poor flow pulsation of gear motor, sealing and volumetric efficiency is low, so the speed under 50 ~ 100 r/min, is not stable. Another blade motor is small in size, moment of inertia is small, so sensitive, but leakage is larger, low-speed stability and efficiency is still low. Used in high speed, small torque, as well as the requirement in the workplace.
According to the working speed range can be divided into high speed motor and vulgar motor. The rated speed of more than 500 r/min, less than 500 r/min, referred to as the motor at low speed. High speed motor mainly include gear motor, blade motor and axial piston motor. Vulgar motor crankshaft connecting rod motor, experience with the balanced motor, inner curve of radial piston motor, as well as the white line motor and so on.
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