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Hydraulic motor in how to store when not in use

Hydraulic motor application has a very wide range of areas, in the construction industry, construction machinery industry and mining, petrochemical industry, has a pivotal role. In hydraulic motor so how do we store when not in use? Small make up to introduce the hydraulic motor under storage precautions when not in use.
A, hydraulic motor when not in use, they shall be cleaned up. The surface of the hydraulic motor can not have any oil pollution, impurities. Because oil is easily adhesion to the dust, so workers must clean the surface treatment and then to store.
Second, the hydraulic motor should be dry and ventilated environment around, if you don't meet this requirement is not possible. Because if weeks around in the air humidity is overweight, so the motor is easy to rust, it shortened the service life of it.
Three, hydraulic motor after use clean, neutral choose to use the cleaner is best, that is used to ensure that it is not subject to corrosion of chemical solvents.
Around four, hydraulic motor is best not to have any goods, because it is easy to affect the performance of the motor, if continue to use again next time, may not be the previous performance is good.
Five, the other on shelves, cannot be stacked together, such easy to cause scratch, deformation.
Six, at the time of deposit, must be placed in the carton, this is to prevent dirty again.
Above is hydraulic motor when not in use to store the attention of the main points, to do this can not only prolong the service life of the machine, also can make the machine working is better at work, the above content by ningbo hengtong summarize hydraulic co., LTD.

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