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What is a cycloid hydraulic motor

There are several types of hydraulic motor, one of which is cycloid hydraulic motor, cycloid hydraulic motor is what? The cycloid is what meaning, under the below small make up to introduce this kind of hydraulic motor.
First general hydraulic motor is rotating, and cycloid hydraulic motor is relying on the bearing of the Angle of the swing back and forth, so called the cycloid motor. Cycloid motor installed in the internal gear ring roller, a roller motor can provide higher start-up and operation torque, reduce the friction roller, and thus improve the efficiency, even under the low speed output shaft can generate stable output. By changing the input and output flow direction makes the motor quickly change, and in both directions such as value of torque.
The above is a brief introduction about cycloid hydraulic motor, summarize content by ningbo hengtong hydraulic co., LTD.

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