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The installation of hydraulic motor
A new hydraulic motor equipment installation and debugging, general considerations are as follows:
When 1, installation, assembly, the first into the host of the hydraulic parts and auxiliary parts subject to strict cleaning and removing harmful to the work of all rust and dirt. Hydraulic parts and pipe of each oil mouth all plug, plugs, plastic pipe plug with the progress of the project, such as gradually removed, and don't take off, to prevent contamination from oil mouth into the components inside.
2, must ensure that the fuel tank, host, the coordination with the internal and external surfaces of the surface is clean and other visible components.
3, contact with the working liquid components exposed parts (piston rod) should be protected and prevent dirt into.
4, the cap, nozzle and air filter must be fully sealed, in order to make sure not filtered air does not enter the hydraulic system.
5, or near the tank on tank, oil type and system capacity should be provided the nameplate.
6, the equipment specified filter to the required standard of cleanliness of working liquid and then before injection system.
7, hydraulic equipment and work together, to complete a predetermined action, so pay attention to the connection between the assembly quality (e.g., concentricity, relative position, force, fixed way and the sealing quality, etc.).
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