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The main structure form of high-speed hydraulic motor

Rated speed higher than 500 r/min motor belongs to the high speed hydraulic motor, the basic form of high-speed hydraulic motor with gear, vane and axial plunger. Their main characteristics are high speed, the moment of inertia is small, easy to start, braking, speed control and reversing. High speed hydraulic motor is divided into two types:
A: gear type high speed motor. The structure of the gear motor and gear pump are basically the same, the structure of the gear motor is characterized by:
1) the gear motor, oil passage symmetrical layout, aperture is the same, so that the motor and reversing the same performance.
2) gear motor adopts the leaked oil hole.
3) in order to adapt to the job requirements of the gear motor and reversing, floating side panel, unloading groove must be symmetrical arrangement, etc.
More than 4) gear motor adopts rolling bearing, mainly in order to reduce the friction loss, improve its startup performance.
5) in order to reduce the torque ripple, the number of teeth on the gear motor is more than the number of teeth on the gear pump.
2: vane type high speed motor. Vane type high speed motor features below:
1) rotor two side open ring groove, which placed swan spring 3, spring set on the pin 1, and will spread to the stator blade pressure surface, prevent starting at high and low pressure chamber, ensure enough starting torque output of the motor.
2) of the pump casing is equipped with shuttle valve, to adapt to the motor forward or reverse, the motor of the swap, back to the oil inlet, ensure always at the bottom of the blade into the high pressure oil, thus make closely contact with the stator blades, guarantee the sealing capacity of sealing.
3) since motors need two-way rotating, so the blade groove is radial layout.

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