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The working principle of the vane hydraulic motor

Vane hydraulic motor is mainly according to the oil for the high pressure oil to the blade work to complete the function of the output torque and rotational speed, when the high pressure oil into the blade motors, filled with high pressure oil between adjacent blades, due to the blade curve of the motor stator inner surface, not the same as the length of the adjacent blades out, so the high pressure oil forces acting on the blade is different, thus formed the relative to the center of the rotor torque, thus realized the output torque and rotational speed of hydraulic motor output.
Due to the hydraulic motor to generally positive &negative, so vane hydraulic motor blade radial placed. In order to make the blade profile is always a pressure oil, in the back, pressure oil cavity through the check valve shall be set up on the path of blade root, in order to ensure the vane hydraulic motor can normal boot after access pressure oil, must make the top and the stator blade surface close contact, to ensure good sealing, so the preloaded spring shall be set up at the blade root.
Sensitive vane hydraulic motor is small in size, rotation, can be applied to the reversing frequency occasions, but leakage is larger, work at low speed is not stable. So vane hydraulic motor is generally used in high speed, small torque and motion sensitivity required.

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