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How to eliminate hydraulic motor rotating weak problem

Hydraulic motor in rotating weak reason mainly is because the main pump output pressure and flow rate is insufficient or hydraulic motor internal fit clearance increases. So how can we eliminate this problem? Here is to introduce the hydraulic pressure motor rotation to check and elimination method, a total of four.
1, in the main circuit, overload valve relief valve, and other accessories in good condition under the premise of the inlet pipe and motor interface sealing must not leak, when the motor is, reverse to determine the maximum pressure oil supply oil; And then connected to the motor line, the determination of load pressure; The final determination value will be compared with its technical requirements can determine fault location.
2, because both inadequate and low pressure hydraulic pump flow rate can reduce the motor output power, at the same time reduce torque and rotational speed, thus measuring flow with a simultaneous determination of pressure.
3, check valve shaft and rotor hole clearance see table, within the scope of the permit, check the rotation of the valve shaft and cylinder hole centerline are consistent, such as beyond the allowable values should be reassembled. If the fitting clearance of valve shaft and rotor hole more than 0.6 mm, or flow inside the rotor with holes along the circumferential groove; Plunger and the rotor fit clearance more than 0.05 mm, roller shaft and chute fit clearance exceeds 0.05 mm, all can make curve of within low speed high torque motor rotation. If two walking motors are not synchronized, it will make the crawler running deviation.
4, swashplate axial piston motor, the high speed for a long time, the motor output shaft bearing clearance increases, the axial location clearance than disc spring compensation value; Cylinder rotor, and grilled with flow due to center position can't stem four slices of disc springs will normally rotor cylinder pressure to the valve plate spring fatigue strength is reduced, elastic falls, in the cold dismount danone normal operation, under the hot plate spring deformation increases, and leads to the ability to drop, with flow caused by the motor running. When the rotor and cylinder hole clearance exceeds 0.05 mm, or more than normal wear and tear, will cause the motor weakness and running slowly.
The above is how to eliminate hydraulic motor rotating weak problem four methods.

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